Happy AmeRu Customer
 Good day! Many thanks for your message. I still wanted to send an email to thank you for the great service!! And a special thank you for the unexpected surprise and extra sample!! I love them both and will definitely be ordering some more in the near future!!🙏🙏  
Noxolo Maphatswana
 Love really love Ameru Perfume The service was absolutely outstanding my favourite Tom ford Oud wood .I would highly recommend Ameru💃🏾 
Robyn Barnes
 This fragrance certainly lives up to its name and left me with an electric loving glow! As soon as I pulled my AmeRu perfume out of its little gift bag, I spritzed the scent a few times and the glow is still amazing hours later! Thank you AmeRu for the perfect birthday gift! ❤️ 
Lyndal Diedericks
 "Fragrances I never thought I would be able to afford, along with awesome service. Makes everyday a lovely experience" 
Jude Harpstar
 I was immediately drawn to Ames’ beautiful presence, professionalism and her passion and reason for creating ethical and high-quality perfumes. I love that she is a perfectionist and has a heart of gold. It has been such an exciting and fulfilling adventure mixing and matching perfumes to create the perfect blend for me, and Ames has generously and patiently provided me with samples to test until the right perfume is created for my brand! Ames came into my life at the perfect time for the perfect reason and I am blessed to also have her as a close friend now. I highly recommend her for all your perfume needs! www.judeharpstar.biz 
Thaakiyah Wentry
 Loving the AmeRu perfumes! I decided to treat myself for my birthday month to a range of different scents to explore them more. I love that it was so easy and affordable to do so. And they last all day. Thank you for the awesome customer service! 
Hybre Schoeman
 Oeeeeee! Thanks so much Amelia! I am so ecstatic! I love everything. I do appreciate the freebie’s 😊😊. The body créme is lovely.  
Amelia De Jager
 My favourite Person and my dear friend. AmeRu my favourite perfume collection are from you and if my husband asks when do I order again u need to know this is a keeper. 
Anton Goosen
 I stopped using my favourite cologne, Eros by Versace, due to the price. Thanks to AmeRu, I now have Eros in my collection and several other exclusive scents without breaking the bank. Thanks, AmeRu!  
Betty Kennedy
 I am a 64-year young woman and I have tried 18 different fragrances of AmeRu perfumes. It is fabulous beyond. I am not done yet. I would like to get a few more. All I can say is I will never buy anywhere else. AmeRu you are an absolute winner!!!!!!!! 
Linda Nieman
 Designer perfume has become so expensive, but I don't want to sacrifice quality for the price. Now I don't have to. AmeRu has an amazing range of stunning perfumes. They last all day and I receive so many compliments. My favorites are Narciso Rodriguez, Olympia & Dior.  
Thando B Nyathi
 I bought Chanel No 5, I love it so much! 
Pieter & Annika Du Plessis
 It was such a pleasure to deal with AmeRu. The service is absolutely outstanding! Very easy to order and pay online. These are premium products, from the packaging of the products, the samples and ultimately the cologne. They not only smell like the originals but lasts well too. AmeRu will definitely have my ongoing support. 
Cheryl Pelling Mohammed
 Amazing fragrances...you won't regret buying. Super customer service. The best! 
Dhiren Naidoo
 I’ve never been a cologne guy. So entering this world from your regular deodorant market was daunting. Amelia not only listened to my preferences but also suggested what would work. It was a wonderful tailored experience that allowed me to explored my preferred options and Ones she’s suggested. I went with what was suggested. The final product is unbelievable. I couldn’t be happier entering the cologne market this way. Her personal touch and advise sent me in a completely opposite direction that I would’ve normally went. I’ve saved thousands and couldn’t be happier. 
Nontsikelelo Kgoe
 I am beyond happy.The personal note,the superior quality of the fragrances.I also bought body cream to complement my perfume...perfection!!! Seller communicates from the moment she receives the order and quick delivery.Blessings on blessings. 2022/02/02 I am blown away.I tested the Idole today at Edgars...your fragrance matches it to the T and lasts longer.Well done. So many people ask me about the Jo Malone I purchased last time, because it's unisex- silent notes,but they leave an impression. Thank you for the freebies. I am loving them.❤️ 
Rory Sandilands
 I had the privilege of getting AmeRu to make me my Naughty George Perfume and I can honestly say it was the best decision that I ever made😊the service was outstanding, the perfume is exactly what I asked for and the time spent on perfecting every little detail to what I wanted was the cherry on top of this outstanding experience! I would highly recommend AmeRu to every single person I know, I promise you will not be disappointed with any aspect of this amazing women's business😊 [email protected] | www.blo.co.za | www.snatch32.co.za 
Björn Enslin
 I have ordered my Diesel Fuel from AmeRu. I was pleasantly surprised with my order. I have been getting so many compliments. Thank you AmeRu! [email protected] 
Ferdie & Shantel Richards
 Ons het parfuum by AmeRu gekoop en ons is baie tevrede met die produkte. Die diens en produkte wat ontvang was, is van hoë gehalte. Ons beveel die dienste vir almal aan.  
Diligence Semfeng
 I recently received a gift of the AmeRu Hydrating Body Crème which Amelia gave very kindly and generously which I am thankful for, I have been getting swollen fingers with painful bumps and sores during the winter time for well over a decade and after using the crème for a week, some of the sores are drying up and healing fairly quickly and the area is not as tender like it was a week before. What I appreciate the most about Amelia's products is the natural and organic element, also cruelty-free, which she expresses and is convicted to with proven results with her clients and what I have experienced for myself, is the no. 1 winning aspect that she is serving to others in treating their skin with her products the natural and organic way without all the chemicals which may create further complications, thank you again and I wish Ameru more blessings! 
Wilmarie Bresler
 What a surprise when I received my fragrances!!! All dressed up in a pretty package!! Felt like my birthday. Very good quality and excellent service aswell as after service!!! 
Genevieve Kraft
 The product packaging is amazing. The service was quick and friendly. I really love the perfumes, they smell amazing, it also stays on for a long time. Such an awesome product. My new favorite range of perfumes. 
Elizha Schutte
 Hoor ek is verskriklik baie beindruk! Jy het beslis n supplier vir n leeftyd. Die goed ruik fantasies en jou geskenk is so dierbaar. Ellie saab is my gunsteling! Baie dankie💐 Ek gaan vir jou n beslis n awsome review los op die parfuum groepe 
Elle Diedericks
 I got my favourite perfumes from Ameru! AnaisAnais, Idolè and Black Opium. What a treat!