AmeRu Eau de Parfum Collection

Facts about Eau de Parfum|Fragrances you should know

AmeRu Eau de Parfum Collection

Introducing – AmeRu Eau de Parfum Collection

You are Unique – Let Our Eau de Parfum Collection help You Work, Rest And Play.

AmeRu Hydrating Body Crème & Spritz

Moisturize before you use Perfume

  • Perfume evaporates quickly when it comes in contact with the skin.
  • Apply AmeRu Hydrating Body Crème to moisturize and hydrate the skin before applying an AmeRu Eau de Parfum Collection or a Fragrance Mist.
  • Perfume on a well Hydrated skin works best to prolong your fragrance, but also log in the fragrance throughout the day.

AmeRu Hair & Scalp Fragrance Spray

Do not use perfume on your hair

  • Perfume contains alcohol which can cause dryness if applied frequently.
  • If you do want to use perfume close to your hair, spray it behind your neck just below or on the hairline.
  • Using an AmeRu Hair & Scalp Spray or Mist instead is a healthier option to prolong your Perfume’s fragrance and keep your hair healthy.

AmeRu Eau de Parfum for women

Do not rub your wrists together

  • Perfumes are a complex combination of top notes, heart notes, and base notes.
  • The top notes are more delicate and fade quickly, while the heart and base notes are long-lasting.
  • Rubbing your wrists will increase the interaction of the fragrance with your skin’s natural oils, which can end up distorting the fragrance.
AmeRu Eau de Parfum Collection

You can maximize the smell of your Eau de Parfum|Fragrance

  • Rather concentrate on your pulse points that radiate heat instead of spraying fragrance all over your body.
  • Women spray Eau de Parfum behind the neck, the base of the neck, behind the ear lobe, the décolletage, inner wrists, inner elbows, and behind your knees.
  • Men spray Cologne behind the neck, the base of the neck, and the shirt collar.
  • Perfume can be sprayed on clothes holding the spray twenty centimeters away to avoid staining.

Perfume reacts differently with your skin’s own chemistry

  • Therefore the same fragrance can smell different on you and other individuals.
  • Sweat and diet greatly affect how your perfume smells on you versus your friend.
  • Perfumes can smell different on individuals with acidic skin than on individuals with dry skin, for example.
  • It is best to test Perfume on your skin rather than using Perfume blotters that don’t radiate heat.

AmeRu Eau de Parfum Collection

Give your nose a break

  • Don’t try more than three fragrances in a row because your nose will have trouble differentiating between notes, and different perfumes will smell the same.
  • To defuse the overload of different fragrances, smell a cup of coffee beans.

AmeRu Eau de Parfum Collection

Perfumes are not always made from real flowers

  • The life expectancy of a perfume bottle has doubled due to mass production and expiration dates.

AmeRu Eau de Parfum Tested

Some Eau de Parfum include animal ingredients

  • In perfumery, there are natural and synthetic notes.
  • The synthetic notes have been formulated by human technology and used for over a century in most of the perfumes that we love and know today.
  • AmeRu rather uses synthetic products than animal ingredients as we support being cruelty-free.

AmeRu Long-Lasting Fragrance for the Elegant Women

Eau de Parfum|Room Fragrances can alter your mood

  • Feeling overwhelmed? Have a spritz of Sea Breeze Room & Linen Spritz fragrance containing aqua notes to promote relaxation.
  • Aroma molecules flow to the limbic system in the brain, where feelings, moods, emotions, other behavior, and memory are processed.
  • Fragrances build into a powerful memory that can affect our emotions.
  • Aromas, Scents, and Fragrances can impact our atmosphere, our environment, and sounds and colors that are calming to our emotions.

Women can use men's fragrances and men can use women's fragrances

Men’s fragrances are not just for men

  • One-third of men’s fragrances are used by women; there’s little inherently masculine or feminine about a particular fragrance; it’s all how it’s presented.
  • Try these Inspired by AmeRu Eau de Parfum Collection Gucci Oud, Oud Wood, White Oud, Black Aoud, Black Orchid, Sultan, and Tobacco Vanille.
AmeRu Eau de Parfum Collection for Women

Inspired Fragrances does not last

  • Also called perfume dupes are cheaper alternatives for original perfumes from well-known designers and high-end brands.
  • It is very important to use High-Quality Fragrance Oils and Ethanol when making Eau de Parfum.
  • Perfume Oils should not be diluted, which will alter the outcome of the Eau de Parfum and the longevity of the product.

AmeRu Eau de Parfum Collection

Only Original Perfumes are of High Quality

  • Inspired by Eau de Parfum can be just as good as the Original Fragrances.
  • The Inspired Fragrances works similarly to Original Perfumes, and the notes are released similarly.
  • We at AmeRu import High-End Perfume Oils from Grasse France, Mouans Sartoux, and the Netherlands to ensure the best long-lasting Eau de Parfum available in our Online Store.

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