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Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions

Visit, select ‘Account’, and proceed with registration.

Visit the shop, select the tab for a product, choose your desired item, pick a size, and add it to your basket. You can then return to select another fragrance. When finished, view your basket at the top right.

To reset your password, please visit and navigate to the login page. Select ‘Lost your password?’, enter your email address, complete the ‘I’m not a robot’ verification, and follow the prompts to reset your password. If you encounter any issues, feel free to reach out to us via WhatsApp at 082 707 9778, and we’ll assist you promptly.

Regrettably, we can only accommodate returns for damaged products or unopened items still in their original packaging. If you’re uncertain about a fragrance or wish to explore something new, we recommend purchasing a sample to ensure compatibility with your preferences and skin chemistry.

To access your account, log in and navigate to ‘Accounts’. Then, select the ‘Orders’ tab on the left-hand side.

Beyond tracking with the waybill provided by The Courier Guy, there are a few other ways to stay updated. You can reach out to AmeRu via WhatsApp at 082 707 9778, or use our live chat bubble in the bottom right corner.

Choosing inspired-by fragrances offers a more affordable alternative to the original, which is often expensive due to additional costs such as marketing, sales commissions, license fees, manufacturer’s profit, retail overheads, and retailer’s profit. At AmeRu, you get high-quality inspired-by fragrances without these added expenses.

Here are the available sizes:

  • Eau de Parfum: 5ml, 30ml, 50ml, and 100ml
  • Hydrating Body Crème: 150g and 250g
  • Hydrating Body Spritz & Room|Linen Spritz: 200ml

The longevity of our fragrances can vary due to factors such as ingredients, temperature, and individual skin chemistry. It’s important to apply fragrance to hydrated skin; we recommend using our Hydrating Body Creme for this purpose, as fragrances tend to dissipate quickly on dry skin. Typically, you can expect our fragrances to last up to 6-8 hours on the skin, leaving a lingering scent that can still be detected on clothing the next day. For those seeking a refresh, we offer our Hydrating Body Spritz in the same fragrance.

Our fragrance oils are sourced from Moance Sartoux in Grasse, France, and the Netherlands, and our perfumes are crafted in South Africa.

We specialize in crafting Eau de Parfum to ensure affordability and accessibility for everyone.

Our products undergo thorough testing and comply with industry standards. However, as with any skincare product, we recommend conducting a patch test.

We are committed to opposing animal cruelty, which is why we are proud to be 100% cruelty-free and do not conduct any tests on animals.

We suggest applying fragrance to hydrated skin. AmeRu offers a luxurious Hydrating Body Creme for this purpose. After letting the creme absorb, apply your fragrance behind your neck, below your ears, and on your décolletage. Apply to wrists without rubbing, as this can affect the fragrance’s delicate formulation. For a longer-lasting scent, spray your fragrance onto your clothing from a distance of 30 cm to prevent staining.

Yes, you can absolutely layer fragrances. We recommend applying your first fragrance to pulse points, waiting a few minutes, and then applying the second fragrance to different pulse points or spraying it on your clothing.

While we would love to provide a definitive answer, everyone’s skin is unique. We highly recommend performing a patch test before using our perfume to ensure compatibility with your skin.

Our sleek, travel-friendly packaging is designed for both style and practicality. AmeRu makes it easy to take your favorite scent with you, whether you’re heading to the office or jetting off on a weekend getaway.

AmeRu balances intensity and subtlety, offering fragrances that are noticeable yet refined. Our scents complement your presence without overwhelming your senses or those around you.

You can reach us via WhatsApp or our live chat bubble for assistance. Alternatively, we offer Smelling Sessions where you can discover your perfect fragrance. To book a session, please contact us through WhatsApp.

AmeRu guarantees consistent high quality across all our products. You can trust that each bottle of Eau de Parfum, a jar of Hydrating Body Crème, Hydrating Body Spritz or Room|Linen Spritz delivers the same luxurious experience, ensuring satisfaction with every purchase.

At AmeRu, we believe in affordable luxury. Our perfumes offer the premium quality you desire at a price that fits your budget, making it easier to indulge in your favorite scents without breaking the bank.

It’s advised not to spray fragrance directly on your jewelry. Jewelry should maintain its shine and brightness without exposure to fragrance.

Our fragrances are truly remarkable. They tend to retain their potency for about 3 years. With such delightful scents, one can expect them to be savored long before reaching their shelf life.

We offer several options: credit card payments, instant EFT for all banks, or PayFast.

Store your fragrance in a cool, dark place to preserve its delicate scent. Avoid areas with high moisture, such as bathrooms, as well as locations exposed to light, which can degrade the fragrance.

We typically process orders the day after they are placed. Standard delivery usually takes between 1-5 days, sometimes arriving sooner. For locations farther away, delivery may take a bit longer. Our courier service, will provide updates throughout the delivery process.

We use a delivery service, The Courier Guy.

We recommend using an address where you are typically available during the day. If you are not home when your parcel arrives, the delivery service will notify AmeRu via email or contact you directly to arrange delivery.

Certainly! Feel free to reach out to us via WhatsApp 082 707 9778, and we’ll assist you with any necessary changes.

Rest assured, we can facilitate the collection of any incorrect or damaged parcels and promptly replace them with your order, at no additional cost.

While we’d love to transport our delightful scents across continents, currently our delivery service operates exclusively within South Africa.

At the checkout, you’ll see a dedicated section on the left-hand side where you can enter any coupons. Please be aware that certain coupons may have specific conditions that apply.

Absolutely, you can log in to your account to access and update your information as needed.


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  • Detoxifying Room|Linen Spritz – AmeRu

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  • Inspired by Jasmine Rouge – Tom Ford

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  • Inspired by Holy Peony – Dior

    This product has multiple variants. The options may be chosen on the product page
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