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Sandalwood Room & Linen Spritz


SANDALWOOD Room & Linen Spritz is a FLORAL WOODY AQUATIC fragrance.

The notes are woody, fresh, floral, aquatic, milky, and buttery









Room sprays are great for freshening up any room; even after a spring clean, there are times when your house may need an extra scent boost.

Use your favorite AmeRu Room & Linen Spritz a few times over the sheets, bedding, blankets, curtains, cushions, and towels in your linen closet to keep them smelling great and feeling fresh.

An excellent choice for overnight guests is coming; they’ll feel pampered and special with scented linen.


Sandalwood Room & Linen Spritz smells like a slightly Warm, Floral, Aquatic & Powdery fragrance.

When choosing a Room & Linen Spritz, select a spritz on natural substances that are non-toxic and safe for your family.

It should be free from harmful chemicals as well as commonly known allergens.

The aroma of a Room & Linen spray should be a light, gentle fragrance that will last for several hours, changing the room’s atmosphere and environment into relaxation.

The best Room & Linen Spritz comes to you in a 200ml bottle that allows a fine mist gently sprayed over your favorite fabrics, which could be linens, cotton, satin, and more delicate materials like organza and lace.

Owners use our AmeRu’s amazing Room & Linen fragrances in their Bushveld Lodges, where guests can go and relax from their busy city life or deflate from a long week of dealing with problematic code if you are an IT Programmer.

You can have the same relaxing feeling in your own home when spraying these refreshing scents and fragrances.

Sandalwood Room & Linen Spritz is a fresh, comforting, sensual, even seductive fragrance that adds a fresh, clean & slightly warm touch to your bathroom where you can relax and have a long bath with candles while sipping on a Pinotage red wine.

Studies have shown that comforting, fresh & warm scents can have a long-term positive effect on moods and emotions.

Floral Woody & Aquatic fragrances can relieve being overwhelmed and stressed and promote a refreshing state of mind, body, and soul that leads towards a more peaceful and happier life.

All products are hand made.

AmeRu Room & Linen Spritz ingredients are:

  1. Water (Aqua),
  2. Alcohol Denatured,
  3. Peg 40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil,
  4. Sandalwood (Perfume)

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200ml Room & Linen Spritz

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